Appendix 1: A Record of Lost Monuments

Thanks to the careful antiquarians of the 18th century, particularly William Cole, we have a record of tombstones which have disappeared in the course of demolitions and rebuildings. Among these are memorials to:-

In St Cyriac's. Israel Rant died 20 March 1695. Mayo Rant died 17 October 1725. Susanna Hill died 27 June 1686 aged 11 years. John Rant died 18 September 1603. Roger Rant son of Roger Rant died 27 March 1732 aged 15 months. Mary Rant, mother of the previous, died 5 April 1735 aged 38. Walter Poulter who died 27 January 1736, aged 20 - "He unfortunately shot himself with his gun going over a ditch". John Chambers buried 13 February 1586 and Marjerie Chambers his wife buried 5 December 1582. Katherine Edwards, died 10 March 1594. John Denis and Katherine his wife. He died 1532

In St Mary's. Marjerie wife of William Chambers died November 1583. Ric Human alias Rutter died 15 April 1587. William Mors, Chaplain, died 1496. The figure of a priest cut in white alabaster, to the right of his head a chalice and wafer, to the left a bible.