Appendix 3: Hatchments in the South Aisle

(Starting from the West)

Allix-Collier: a lozenge, therefore a woman. This is probably Sarah Collier who married her first cousin John Peter Allix and who died after him in 1836. Her widowhood would account for the entire background being black. Had her husband survived her, the background to his arms would be white. She lost her husband and four sons before her own death, though two of her daughters lived to be 90.

Allix-Bevan: this commemorates the death of Charles Peter Allix in 1921. He was survived by his wife Laura Agneta Wellington Bevan.

Allix-Pardoe: commemorates John Peter Allix, M.P. who died in 1850. His wife, Maria Pardoe, died in 1854.

Allix-Strutt: a lozenge commemorating the Hon. Hilda Strutt, daughter of Baron Belper, who died in 1923 and was survived by her husband Charles Israel Lorraine Allix.

Vincit Veritas (Truth triumphs) was the Allix motto. Resurgam means "I shall rise again."