Appendix 4: Allix memorials in the south aisle

To the Memory of
George Gilbert, Thomas, Wager and William
Sons of the late John Peter Allix Esq
of this Parish
They all sunk in early youth
the Pride and Regret of their Widowed Mother.
George Gilbert died December 20th 1795
aged three years
Thomas, aged 18
exhausted by a lingering illness,
died at Bristol the 29th of Sept 1809
& is buried in the Parish church of
St Augustine in the City.
Wager, aged 13, died in consequence of a fall
the 18th of February 1812
& is interr'd in this Place.
William, aged 23,
a Lieutenant in the 95 Reg.,
Fell at the Siege of Badajoz in Spain
the 6th of April, 1812,
bravely vindicating the insulted rights
of All Nations
against the Tyranny of Oppression
of the French.

Here lies the body
of John Peter Allix Esq
of Swaffham House in this Town
Son of Charles Allix Esq. of the same place
and of Catherine
Daughter of Thomas Green DD Bishop of Ely.
He was grandson of the learned Peter Allix
The first of the Family
Who settled in England where he took Refuge
From persecution for his Attachment
To the Protestant Religion
They who were acquainted
With the Virtues of the Deceased
Require not the Testimony
of a monumental Inscription
And they who were strangers to him
will hardly receive from it.
A due Notion of his Worth.
Suffice it then to say
That he was a true Christian
Both in Principle and in Practice
That he was a dutiful Son
An affectionate Husband
A kind Father
And a Faithful Friend
That neither his Charity to the Poor
Nor his Hospitality to his Equals
Had any other Limmit
Than in the means which he possessed
of Gratifying
The Benevolence of his Heart.
He was born Nov 8 1749
And died May 15 1807